School Invasion – Can you help us?

School Invasion – Can you help us?


#Enduranceweek in Year 3

#Enduranceweek in Year 3

On Monday morning, Mrs Myerscough brought a new present for Year 3, we were all very excited to see what it was!

The present was opened…it was this beautiful book. We couldn’t wait to read it! 


In Design and Technology Year 3 wanted to create a new product. After reading ‘The Three Wise Women’ we decided on designing and creating a new form of bread. 


What yeast food helps create the most gas?

We had to find out the answer to this question in our Science lessons because we wanted our new product to rise well. We conducted a Scientific experiment using: yeast, a balloon, warm water, yeast food (sugar, honey, syrup) and a clear plastic bottle. 

We found out that the syrup created the most gas. 


In Maths we have been learning how to measure using a variety of equipment, jugs, measuring cylinders and measuring scales.

We then used our Mathematical skills to weigh and measure ingredients, so that we could create our own bread.

Before we could create our own bread, we had to collect some market research.

This is where we had to test and evaluate existing products.

We then had to create and design a new product from our market research. 

IMG_7593[1] IMG_7594[1] IMG_7609[1]


Let the baking begin! 

Year 3 had to follow a set of instructions to measure, mix, cut and create their new product. We had to be co-operative whilst working as a group!


Week 5

Week 5

Commando Joe

Last week, Year 3 had to work as a team to signal for help using SOS symbols and signs.



Problem Solving and Reasoning

Year 3 have been solving problems in Maths, they had to ‘find the odd one out’. 

IMG_7251[1] IMG_7253[1] IMG_7254[1] IMG_7278[1] IMG_7277[1] IMG_7266[1] IMG_7271[1]


Year 3’s Advent Service


To celebrate the first week of Advent we invited our friends and family to join in our Collective Worship.

IMG_7373[1] IMG_7374[1] IMG_7386[1] IMG_7392[1] IMG_7402[1] IMG_7397[1]

What a busy few weeks Year 3 have had!

What a busy few weeks Year 3 have had!

Week 3: On Monday this week we had a visitor.

We were learning about our teeth, and how we can keep them healthy. We discussed the importance of keeping your teeth clean by brushing twice a day with toothpaste. We even looked at how much sugar there are in a range of food types. We were all shocked by the amount of sugar there is in cereals! 






At the end of our lesson we were all given a new toothbrush to help us keep our teeth clean, strong and healthy. 

We are all now teeth experts!



Week 2: Our topic question this half term is ‘Why is the River Irwell so important to Manchester?’ 

Year 3 and 4 found something peculiar in our Learning Zone. Can you guess what it could be?

  IMG_7022[1] IMG_7026[1]

IMG_7012[1] IMG_7017[1]


We started to learn about Rivers, thinking about the: 

  • Bank 

  • Riverbed

  • Current 

  • Confluence 

  • Delta

  • Meander 

  • Mouth 

  • Source 

  • Tributary 

  • Waterfall

Week 1: We were very lucky to experience virtual reality using Google Expeditions! We were able to use reality headsets to visit Antarctica and Buckingham Palace. 






This week has been Endurance Week! 

Have a look at some of our pictures about what Year 3 have been getting up to…



Year 3’s Golden Read has gone missing!

Have you seen it?

Image result for shackletons journey

Phew…thankfully Mrs Connolly found it for us! 

We started to read ‘Shackleton’s Journey’. 


Something strange has happened to Vera the Skeleton!


We used a world map to plot Shackleton’s journey!

We even used 4 figure grid references! 

IMG_6526[1]  IMG_6527[1]

IMG_6531[1]  IMG_6542[1]


Dyslexia Awareness – No Pens Wednesday! 

Today we have been learning about James Caird’s Lifeboat. 

James Caird was a small boat journey from Elephant Island to South Georgia which is approximately 800 miles. This was undertaken my Sir Ernest Shackleton and 5 other companions. This aimed to obtain rescue for the main body of the Imperial Trans – Antarctic Expedition which was stranded on Elephant Island after the loss of it’s ship – Endurance. 

Take a look at us working very hard on our James Caird boats! 






We then had an Art Exibition, where we were able to have a look at other pieces of work. 

IMG_6589[1]  IMG_6596[1]

IMG_6598[1]  IMG_6599[1]


Testing Time! 

We then tested our boats to see if they would float for 1 minute with 6 crew members inside. 







In the afternoon, the children in Year 3 were Scientists!

Take a look at some of our work below.

Experiment One:  Escape the Ice!

IMG_6722[1] IMG_6714[1] IMG_6712[1] IMG_6707[1]

Experiment Two:  Blubber Glove!

IMG_6678[1] IMG_6679[1] IMG_6700[1] IMG_6698[1] IMG_6666[1] IMG_6684[1]

Bury Art Museum

Bury Art Museum

Today Year 3 walked to Bury Art Museum, to learn about the history of Bury.

We learnt about what Bury was like many years ago. 

We were able to look at some art paintings and hold real artefacts. 

Take a look at some of our class pictures.


IMG_6047[1]  IMG_6050[1]

We were not allowed to smile as we went through the turnstiles!

IMG_6040[1] IMG_6085[1] IMG_6162[1] IMG_6164[1] IMG_6156[1] IMG_6159[1] IMG_6153[1] IMG_6140[1] IMG_6117[1] IMG_6125[1] IMG_6103[1] IMG_6069[1]